We produce:


Tension springs

 HJW 8546n002-1300rahmen

Torsion springs

 HJW 8538n003-1300rahmen

Form springs /
ire parts

 HJW 8554n003-1300rahmen

Snap rings

 HJW 8545n002-1300rahmen

Worm springs

 HJW 8543n002-1300rahmenV2

Garage door springs

 HJW 8556n002-1300rahmenWatermark

Hose protection springs

 HJW 8544n002-1300rahmenV2



DIN standard or customer specification from all major carbon or stainless steel spring wires.

Schematic drawings as request help you in the download area.

Our flexible production processes not only allow the production of large series, especially in small batches, individual and special is our strength.

Through the use of advanced calculation programs, we are also able to actively support
the prototype development or those completely take over for you.

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